Social Brand Defence at Superhuman Scale –

Social Brand Defense at Superhuman Scale

via the first AI-driven Conversation Management solution for Facebook and Instagram

Social teams are struggling to keep up with an ever-growing volume of engagement, with the understanding that any comment can be the start of a conversation that either lifts or threatens the brand. But scaling those moderation efforts just by adding more staff proves uneconomical for the vast majority of consumer brands. Enter, with the industry’s first AI-driven Conversation Management solution, powered by the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, trained across more than 10 billion engagements with over 500 million consumers worldwide. 

  • 24/7Immediate Response
  • 3X+Brand lift
  • 10X+Coverage


Prioritized Recommendations

Comments to hide, like, or reply; users to block

Real-time Comment Analysis

Every comment scored for Sentiment and Intent

Automated Comment Hiding & Liking

Optional real-time moderation, 24/7

Automated Public Replies

Optional smart comment response, 24/7

Comment Explorer

Dashboard for analysis and insights